Model 4102

Model 4102

Inspiratory Force Meter

Clinical Use

Lower operating costs are possible using the long life Boehringer Inspiratory Force Meters. Recorded measurements of inspiratory force provide objective indices of a patient’s strength; therefore, the measurements can be of great value, not only in assessing the recovery from neuromuscular blockade, but also in following the progression of neuromuscular weakness, as in myasthenia gravis. The recording Inspiratory Force Meter can be used to check endotracheal tube cuff pressure with an adapter which is included in the kit.

The recording Inspiratory Force Meter is designed with a number of outstanding features for the user:


  • A memory pointer captures the highest inspiratory or expiratory pressure.
  • A removable manifold is provided with 15 mm. I.D. and 22 mm. O.D. connections. The manifold has a safety port, which must be willfully occluded by the operator. The manifold may be removed for steam, gas or chemical sterilization. Extra manifolds available, Model #9019 (see below). To avoid contamination, use Isolation Kit, Model # 9016 (see below)
  • A Luer adapter, length of tubing and three-way stopcock are also included, to measure other pressures such as endotracheal tube cuff pressure.


  • EtO Sterilizable: 80°F for 8 ½ hours cold cycle
  • Silicone damped, lightweight memory pointer simplifies reading
  • Safety ported for failsafe operation
  • May be used in Bain circuit


  • RANGE: Model 4102--± 60 cm. H2O, 4103--± 150 cm. H2O
  • ACCURACY: ± 3% full scale
  • FITTING: 15 mm.-22 mm.
  • STERILIZATION: 100 EtO cycles minimum
  • DIAMETER: 2.75" LENGTH: 5.35" WIDTH: 1.625" WEIGHT: 10 oz.


    • Black neoprene Gauge Protector shields your Inspiratory Force Meter, should you drop it.
    • ½" shock absorbing lip protects the dial face.
    • Nylon lanyard allows you to carry meter around your neck.
    • Allows separation of meter from patient. Useful in septic patient to prevent contamination of meter.
    • Use with Inspiratory Force, Meter, any model.
    • 18" Isolation hose.
    • Sterilizable by steam, gas or chemical (Cidex) means.
    • To avoid cross contamination, you may want each patient in an ICU to have his own Manifold.
    • Nylon—virtually unbreakable.
    • Safety ported.
    • 15-22 mm. adaptable.
    • Sterilizable by steam, gas or chemical (Cidex) means.
    • Model #9019C incorporates a calibrated orifice for eliminating cheek muscle artifact.

    Instructions For Use