Specimen Containment System

Designed Specifically for your Complex ObGyn Procedure


Tired of making due with bags and retrieval systems not meant for your ObGyn procedures? Simplify your complex Hysterectomy/Myomectomy removal during laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

The Phoenix™ is made from high-strength material offers you confidence in handling specimens. The containment system was designed to combine containment and retraction in a single product.

The Phoenix™ Containment System is available in two sizes. The medium size is 2100ml/12cm while the larger bag is 5500ml/16cm.

5500 Phoenix™ Containment System, LRG, 5500ml, 16 cm

Features and Advantages
  • Proprietary, detachable retraction rings, allow for a variety of abdominal insertion options

  • Ease of manipulation within laparoscopic space

  • Retraction rings stay outside of the field

  • Self-opening Nitinol Ring

  • Ring is easily grasped and manipulated with common laparoscopic tools

  • Inside/Outside markings available

  • Large opening, deep volume to allow for ease of placement of specimen

  • Aids in sharps dissection

  • High-strength material allows for increased extraction force and confidence in external manipulation

  • High-strength retraction yields increased working area for scalpelling