Model 3950

Cell Salvage Regulator - CSR

Model 3950
Replace your inconsistent plastic suction regulators or expensive on-board pumps

Standard plastic suction regulators may have inconsistent output, or poor flow control. On-board pumps add to background noise in the OR and have very low flow capability. The Boehringer Cell Salvage Regulator (CSR) allows for precision control with high flow vacuum to safely and efficiently facilitate all of your Intraoperative Autotransfusion needs.

Model 3950

After drop #50 - one of the volunteers marveled that the only thing damaged was the floor.


Biomedical Engineer, Kansas

Precise / Accurate Vacuum Control

The VAVD Controller reacts to circuit demands and input conditions to maintain a reliable and consistent output of suction applied to your cardiotomy reservoir.

Simultaneous Support of Two Yankauers

The high flow nature of the Boehringer CSR will allow you to have two yankauers operational from the same suction source. This would allow two collection canisters to be mounted for particularly high volume cases.


The Boehringer CSR has an integral gravity trap bottle to prevent inadvertent fluid intrusion. This unit can also be readily cleaned and FULLY STERILIZED using steam at 270 degrees. Competitive suction regulators need to be disposed of when internally fouled and electric pumps could potentially aersolize blood components when they are internally fouled.

Reduce OR Noise

Suction Pumps on your Cell Salvage Machines contribute to overall background noise in the OR. Wall suction is almost silent while still providing higher flow.

12 Year Warranty

Covered by the most inclusive warranty in the industry, a warranty not voided by inadvertent fluid intrusion.

Safety Interlock Provides for High-Vacuum for Field Clearance

The only device on the market built to an appropriate clinical range.

Self Clearing™ Regulation Components

In the unlikely event blood does enter the control, patented design and control surfaces ensure continued regulated output.