Critical Care Expansion Care4

Critical Care Expansion Care4
Instantly turn a single outlet room into a critical care suite

Ready access to suction is crucial when caring for critical patients. Boehringer Laboratories has developed a factory designed solution to address how to turn a single outlet Med Surg room into a three-outlet critical care bed. Simply plugging this unit into the wall will provide suction for:
• Inline suction for airway maintenance
• Nasogastric Suction to lessen the chance of aspiration
• Oral suction to establish an airway or for oral care
• External Female Catheters

Critical Care Expansion Care4

We dropped the Boehringer
regulator from five feet and tested
operation after each drop. The result was just as we expected:
excellent performance after every impact.


Biomedical Engineer, Kansas

Safely Manage all of your Patient Needs

Convert Med Surg rooms to handle acute patients so you aren't left short of suction access

Exclusive Features
  • Made in the USA

  • Move from Room to Room as Needed

  • Safe, Reliable, Saves you Money