Model 7926

Autologous Blood Postoperative Autotransfusion Systems

Model 7926

Whole blood autotransfusion is recognized as a viable means of returning a patient’s own blood, including the red blood cells, platelets and clotting proteins. The Boehringer AUTOVAC® 7926 is a simple, disposable system that limits the patient’s exposure to the risks associated with allogenic (homologous) blood products.

Additionally, employing the use of AUTOVAC® can reduce usage and expense of more complicated systems and/or banked blood products. Boehringer Laboratories, LLC is proud to offer Model 7926 for superior, cost-effective patient care. This system is self-contained with its own suction source for portability and the capability for closed wound drainage. It is completely disposable. Lipid free postoperative orthopedic autotransfusion is considered by many as the standard of care for total joint replacement procedures.

Only Boehringer AUTOVAC® Systems offer the AUTOWICK™ filter for lipid and methacrylate absorption. Designed for postoperative orthopedic autotransfusion, AUTOVAC® Model 7926 offers closed system operation as required by the American Association of Blood Banks. The system sets new standards for closed wound drainage & autotransfusion with its outstanding safety features.

Blood Quality

Every Boehringer AUTOVAC® Autotransfusion system is in compliance with the American Association of Blood Banks Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services.

Closed System Operation

The integration of the collection bulb in the collection line provides truly closed system operation. The AUTOVAC® system incorporates a self-contained wound drainage device. Infusion does not require room air admission2 and a hydrophobic filtration system protects the blood from contaminants. Elimination of venting may reduce the potential for infection. Closed system operation also minimizes staff exposure to patient blood.

Continuous Infusion

The integral collection bulb provides for simultaneous collection and infusion of blood to maintain the normovolemic status of the patient. Infusion can be started as soon as necessary after placement of the wound drains with no volume minimum (except in cases where anticoagulant is employed). There is no interruption of applied suction when blood is transferred.

Anti-Air Embolism

The design features an anti-air embolism valve that guards against air embolus, a major concern with infusion of any type3.

Simple to Use: Intuitive

A standard blood bag is the heart of the system. We have carefully engineered this system to simplify the steps for collection, infusion and closed wound drainage, which can free up valuable time for clinicians.

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  • Lipid Free: Free lipids are present in significant quantities in orthopedic drainage blood. Only Boehringer autotransfusion systems are available with the patented AUTOWICK™ filtration for the permanent removal of these fats. Fat Embolus Syndrome may develop from the systemic circulation of these lipids. Elimination of lipids may result in the reduction of febrile reactions and associated transfusion complications.

  • Gentle Handling of Blood: Large ports, smooth flow path and GravityFlo™ filter minimize damage to red blood cells. Additionally, the low vacuum levels provided by the bulb guard against hemolysis for improved blood quality.

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