Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System

The Best Smoke Evacuation Solution for Your Patients

Studies show that surgical smoke can carry multiple viruses, carcinogens, and other hazardous material, while also causing visual disturbance for surgeons during laparoscopy. Five states have passed, or are in the process of passing, statewide surgical smoke regulations.

Why is VISIMAX™ the solution?

· Any available medical suction source removes the surgical smoke from the operating space.
· A sensing line and incorporated valve prevent the loss of pneumo pressure if the insufflator cannot provide sufficient flow or pressure.
· Surgeon adjustable dial allows for optimal smoke removal.

  • Automated Smoke Removal

  • Does Not Impact Insufflators Ability to Maintain Pneumo Pressure

  • Disposable Device that Does Not Require Additional Capital Investment

  • Universally Compatible with All Common Insufflators

  • Suctions Dangerous Surgical Smoke Out of the Operating Space