Laparoscopic Smoke Clearing System

Give Smoke Clearing Ability to Any Insufflator

Surgical smoke has been shown to carry multiple viruses, carcinogens, and other hazardous material. The smoke can also be a visual disturbance for surgeons during laparoscopy. Five states have passed, or are in the process of passing statewide surgical smoke regulations.

Why is VISIMAX™ the solution?

· Any available medical suction source allows the surgical smoke to be removed from the operating space.

· A sensing line and incorporated valve prevent the loss of pneumo pressure if the insufflator is unable to provide sufficient flow or pressure.

· Surgeon adjustable dial allows for optimal smoke removal.

  • Automated Smoke Removal

  • Does Not Impact Insufflators Ability to Maintain Pneumo Pressure

  • Disposable Device that Does Not Require Additional Capital Investment

  • Universally Compatible with All Common Insufflators

  • Suctions Dangerous Surgical Smoke Out of the Operating Space