• ViSiGi 3D®

    The first FDA-approved calibration system intended for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Designed from the ground up to improve visualization.

  • Suction Regulators

    The simplicity and precision of Boehringer Suction Regulators has been the choice of major hospitals for over 30 years.

  • Suction Fittings

    You will experience the regulator's full potential since we ensure that high-flow patient and wall fittings are assembled to the unit.

  • Autotransfusion Systems

    The AUTOVAC® is a simple, disposable system that allows the surgeon to easily collect and reinfuse patients with their own blood.

Who We Are

  • We here at Boehringer Laboratories, LLC seek to make world class products that improve patient's lives, help clinicians do a better job and add value to the healthcare system. We will improve our skills continually to enable us to serve our customers, community and each other.

ViSiGi 3D®

Decompress, Delineate, Dissect. ViSiGi 3D® is a sizing and calibration system intended specifically to enhance and upgrade the quality and efficiency of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedures.

ViSiGi 3D®'s precise, low-level suction stabilizes the internal tissue of the stomach, helping you better delineate your staple line and allowing you to sleeve with confidence.

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Suction Regulators

Boehringer Suction Regulators have intrinsic design features meant to aid in patient safety. With the latest professional practice guidelines we are the only manufacturer where all of our suction regulators have a factory calibrated upper limit on the level of suction.

A single-piece, aircraft grade aluminum selector knob with no o-rings ensures that suction will be there when the regulator is turned on. Setting-Memory™ ensures that whether the circuit is set-up on continuous or intermittent, the catheter opened or closed, you will deliver the same level of suction.

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Suction Fittings

A complete regulator would have a patient fitting or optional trap bottle, the regulator, a wall fitting or wall connection tubing and color coding if desired.

When ordered with the regulator, your fittings will be covered by the same factory warranty as the unit. For installation configurations download our custom installation guide or simply call us with your unique applications.

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Autologous Blood Transfusion Systems

The AUTOVAC® system sets new standards for closed wound drainage and autotransfusion with its outstanding safety features. Autotransfusion reduces complications associated with homologous transfusions such as disease transmission and transfusion reactions and alloimmunization.

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The use of tape to restrain a patient's arm is expensive, often uncomfortable and can be difficult to remove rapidly should emesis occur. Our Arm Restraint Straps eliminate these problems.

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