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  • Widely regarded as the world's leader in clinical suction controls, our instruments are found in the best-run hospitals in the world, from when patients enter the Emergency Department, through perioperative care, all the way to step down floors and discharge. Our minimally invasive device, ViSiGi 3D®, is the first and leading sleeve calibration system in the world for Bariatric procedures. Boehringer Laboratories takes great pride in our ability to innovate and provide our customers with safe, reliable, and cost-effective products.

Suction Regulators

Boehringer Suction Regulators have intrinsic design features meant to aid in patient safety. With the latest professional practice guidelines, we are the only manufacturer where all of our suction regulators have a factory-calibrated upper limit on the level of suction.

A single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum selector knob with no o-rings ensures that suction will be there when the regulator is activated. Setting-Memory™ ensures that the circuit, whether set on continuous or intermittent and the catheter, opened or closed, will deliver the same suction level.

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Decompress, Delineate, Dissect. ViSiGi 3D® is a sizing and calibration system explicitly intended to enhance and upgrade the quality and efficiency of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedures.

ViSiGi 3D®'s precise, low-level suction stabilizes the internal tissue of the stomach, helping you better delineate your staple line and allowing you to sleeve with confidence.

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The CareDry® System, with its novel antimicrobial sponge, is designed to free up time for nursing staff and provide instant dryness and comfort for patients.

· Up to 67% fewer product changes*
· 5x greater surface area for effective moisture control
· Does not rely on gravity for liquid collection

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VAVD Controller and VacPac™


Vacuum-Assisted Venous Drainage is relied upon to encourage return blood flow through the venous catheter. The Boehringer VAVD Controller is explicitly designed to ensure this practice is both safe and efficient.

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We Are Here For You. In June 2024, We Have Repaired 47 Suction Regulator Units Under Warranty.

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