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  •   1972

    Founded by Jack R. Boehringer and First Waterless Peep Valve Released

    Jack Boehringer set out to develop, manufacture, and market high quality and precision medical products. The first waterless peep valve was released the same year for use in enhancing oxygenation in ventilated patients.

  •   1975

    First Sterilizeable Spirometer Released

    Our Spirometers were indicated for use in anesthesia monitoring and bedside ventilator assessment.

  •   1980

    End-Title Co2 Meter Introduced

    The Co2 Meter was developed to eliminate costly blood gas sampling.

  •   1985

    Introduction of the 7700 Series Blood Suction Regulators

  •   1989

    Introduction of the 7702 Intermittent Blood Suction Regulators

    The 7702 Intermittent Suction Regulators were developed for use in nasogastric suctioning procedures.

  •   1990

    AUTOVAC® Product Line Released

    AUTOVAC® is a postoperative Orthopedic Autotransfusion System with the AUTOWIC™ lipid filter.

  •   1994

    Suction Regulators Warranty

    Boehringer introduced the industry's first 5 year warranty.

  •   1999

    Introduction of 3704 and Warranty Extension

    Boehringer went on to introduce the industry's first suction regulator warranty for 10 years. The 3704 Suction Regulator was also created the same year with the first magnetically shifted intermitter.

  •   2005

    Introduction of the Longest Warranty in the Industry

    In 2005 Boehringer introduced the longest warranty available in the industry at 12-years.

  •   2007

    Introduction of the Engenex® Product Line

    Expanding its presence into the negative pressure wound therapy market, Boehringer introduced the Engenex® product line.

  •   2013

    ViSiGi 3D® is Released

    Boehringer received clearance for its newest innovation - the ViSiGi 3D® gastric sizing tube for single patient use. This is the first FDA-approved calibration system intended for sleeve gastrectomy.

  •   2015

    Care4™ Suction Regulator

    The world's first and only 4-mode suction regulator is introduced defining the standard of care. The Care4™ Suction Regulator was designed to allow you to use the same suction regulator throughout every department in your hospital.

  •   2016

    Care 4™ Patent

    In 2016 the world's first and only four-mode suction regulator was awarded a patent.

  •   2017

    ViSiGi 3D® Patent

    The world's best selling calibration system, ViSiGi 3D® is issued a patent.

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Specializing in medical devices in the areas of respiratory therapy, autologous blood recovery, suction controls and minimally invasive surgery.

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The suction feature of ViSiGi 3D® does a great job of stabilizing the gastric tissue. This allows for more precise serial firing of the stapler leading to a well-formed sleeve

Dr. Eric Edwards | St. Mary Medical Center

It (ViSiGi 3D®) is definitely better than the bougie. It’s so easy that a PA/intern can do it. ViSiGi 3D® is a wonderful product with many favorable attributes and now with air leak test, we won’t have any more smurf patients!

Dr. Paayal P. Mehta & Team | Peconic Bay Medical Center

I have been very happy using the ViSiGi 3D® for my sleeve gastrectomy procedures. It is very easy to use and greatly simplifies the whole process of getting the bougie in the correct location and keeping it in place. It has saved me valuable time during my cases and stays in the correct location throughout my procedure. In addition, when I want to test my sleeve for leaks, the ViSiGi 3D® can be used without having to place another tube down saving more time and is safer to use.

Dr. Richard Ing | Bryn Mawr Hospital, Main Line Health

This is a very practical device that helps the busy bariatric surgeon. Combination of an adequately sized bougie with the ability for suction and testing under calibrated pressure.

Dr. Leon Katz | Crozer-Chester Medical Center

ViSiGi 3D® made my sleeve cases much easier. No more hassle in deflating the stomach. No more trouble in positioning and re positioning the tube. I like it and recommend it to all surgeons, it will save you time in the OR for sure.

Dr. Ahmad Bashir | Gastrointestinal Bariatric & Metabolic Center, Jordan

We have been using the ViSiGi 3D® system regularly in our surgeries as it helps to better delineate the gastric area to be transected. This translates into a safer procedure as we are always aware of the location of the calibration system, making it almost impossible to accidentally staple through it.

Dr. Leonard Claros | St. Luke’s Hospital

I believe that the ViSiGi 3D® device is invaluable when performing sleeve gastrectomies. Prior to switching to ViSiGi 3D®, I was using a lighted bougie. However, the time it took to properly insert the orogastric tube, then remove the tube, insert the bougie, remove the bougie and insert an orogastric tube was excessive. The decompression of the stomach achieved with the ViSiGi 3D® is superior to that with an orogastric tube. I believe that delineation of the staple line will help to decrease the chance of staple link leaks. Finally, the distention of the stomach achieved during the leak test is superior. I particularly appreciate the fact the pressure created is standardized and quantifiable.

Dr. Lisa Dobruskin | University Medical Center of Princeton

The Boehringer neonatal suction regulator is for the NICU and is a piece of equipment made especially for our patient population. This suction regulator prevents the possibility of dangerous high suction from happening here in the NICU. It is easy to see it is made for babies because it has a visible baby on the front, so we do not lose them within our hospital. Our Boehringer representative showed us what was growing in some of the suction devices in the suction regulators we were using; it is scary to have that type of information given to you when you think you’re doing a good job at keeping our babies safe. We now know we have a suction regulator that is meant for our population, it is safe and free from dangerous contaminants.



L.H. | Kirkland, Washington

We dropped the Boehringer regulator from five feet and tested operation after each drop. A few times, we had to remove some remnants of floor tile from the surface of the regulator. Between drop 38 and 39, the gauge seemed slightly loose, so we simply tightened it and continued dropping. After drop # 50, the volunteers and Biomed Staff decided to have some fun and toss it around using a little creativity. The result was just as we expected: an excellent performance by the Boehringer product after every impact.

C.C. | Biomedical Engineer, Kansas

I can’t begin to tell you how durable your suction regulators are. In one of the busiest Emergency Departments on the west coast, we put all of our equipment to the extreme. Funny you should contact me, as I have just come across three more plastic suction regulators where the gauges have failed and the knobs are difficult to turn. Basically garbage and worthless to us. I have been exchanging out these poor quality products with Boehringer’s regulators for years. I know I can be assured that Boehringer’s regulators are tough and will last. Buying your product brings an assurance that when our department puts it to the test and it passes, then it’s a product worth having.

J.W. | Vancouver, Washington

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