VAVD Controller and VacPac™

Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage Controller and VacPac™

VAVD Controller and VacPac™
Relied Upon By More Than 90% of the Heart Programs in the USA

Vacuum-Assisted Venous Drainage is relied upon to encourage return blood flow through the venous catheter. The Boehringer VAVD Controller is explicitly designed to ensure this practice is both safe and efficient. Precision adjustment and redundant safety features make this the equipment of choice for top heart programs across the country.

VacPac™, the newest feature of the VAVD Controller, is a simple, single-patient, sterile disposable that assures all of the safeties built into your Boehringer VAVD controller stay in your circuits.

VAVD Controller and VacPac™

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VacPac™ Features

· Patient Safety Through Infection Control
· Location of VacPac® Reduces Kinking of Tubing and Overturning of Vapor Trap
· Simplifies Vacuum Connection Setup
· Mitigates Human Error with Incorrect Clamping
· Standardizes the Protection of Vacuum to Your Circuits

Precise/Accurate Vacuum Control

The VAVD Controller reacts to circuit demands and input conditions to maintain a reliable and consistent suction output applied to your cardiotomy reservoir.

Provides for Waste Anesthetic Gas Removal

Waste Anesthetic Gas from the membrane oxygenator is a dangerous background contaminant, and occupational health experts agree that these gases should be removed from the perfusionist's workspace.

Electronic Medical Records Port

It allows for the permanent connection of a Luer-type pressure transducer to allow the VAVD suction pressures to be recorded electronically.

Independent Safety Relief

A precision-machined redundant system vents excess NEGATIVE and POSITIVE pressures in the event of any malfunction in the primary regulator or accompanying pump circuit.

Integral Supply Gauge

Open caps on the cardiotomy reservoir or kinked supply tubing can be readily identified and addressed by noting a drop in the supply pressure gauge.

Appropriate Clinical Range

The only device on the market built to an appropriate clinical range.

Self Clearing™ Regulation Components

In the unlikely event blood does enter the control, patented design and control surfaces ensure continued regulated output.

Additional Pricing Information

3948 (box of 10) $539.28
3949 (box of 40) $1,551.33

Exclusive Features
  • Modes: Off/Regulate

  • 0-60 mmHg regulated suction

  • 0-760 mmHg supply gauge

  • 0-10 lpm WAGD Suction Flowmeter

  • Independent POSITIVE & NEGATIVE

  • Patented, wide view XL Gauge with color-coded fields that can be read from a distance or from the side

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Self-Clearing Technology™ Protects against flooding and failure