CareDry™ System

Non-invasive Urinary Management for Females

CareDry™ System

CareDry™ System enables nurses to forgo indwelling catheters on all appropriate patients through its application of dedicated, safe suction and form-fitting placement. The quick-drying capability of the CareDry™ System results in increased patient comfort, fewer product and bed linen changes, reduced waste, and ease of use for nursing staff.

Why do people love CareDry™?

· One change per day
· High absorbency
· Safe suction level
· Reduced workload

CareDry Sponge

CareDry™ Sponge

· latex-free, medical-grade foam with antimicrobial protection.
· 4-channel design for circumferential suction
· 100% moisture wicking

CareDry Wand

CareDry™ Wand

Single-patient-use, high airflow regulator with 32” of tubing and a conformable stylet.


Fewer Leaks, Drier Patients
360° absorption leads to fewer leaks and increased patient comfort.
Consistent Safety
High, uniform airflow at low pressure with the built-in precision regulator.
Change Needed Once Daily
Smooth medical-grade foam with antimicrobial protection for a full 24 hours.
Optimal Patient Fit and Comfort
Moldable wand and conforming sponge allows for broader patient selection.

Broader Patient Selection

· Prone
· Supine
· Slender
· Fall-Risk
· Restless
· Intake/Output