CareDry™ System

Non-invasive Urinary Management for Females

CareDry™ System

CareDry™ System enables nurses to forgo indwelling catheters on all appropriate patients through its application of dedicated, safe suction and form-fitting placement. The quick-drying capability of the CareDry™ System results in increased patient comfort, fewer product and bed linen changes, reduced waste, and ease of use for nursing staff.

Why do people love CareDry™?

· One change per day
· High absorbency
· Safe suction level
· Reduced workload

CareDry™ Sponge

· latex-free, medical-grade foam with antimicrobial protection.
· 4-channel design for circumferential suction
· 100% moisture wicking

CareDry™ Wand

Single-patient-use, high airflow regulator with 32” of tubing and a conformable stylet.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

Placed between the outlet and existing suction regulators, the PTO doubles the clinical capabilities of any suction outlet, without compromising suction capability of the regulator.


Fewer Leaks, Drier Patients
360° absorption leads to fewer leaks and increased patient comfort.
Consistent Safety
High, uniform airflow at low pressure with the built-in precision regulator.
Change Needed Once Daily
Smooth medical-grade foam with antimicrobial protection for a full 24 hours.
Optimal Patient Fit and Comfort
Moldable wand and conforming sponge allows for broader patient selection.

Broader Patient Selection

· Prone
· Supine
· Slender
· Fall-Risk
· Restless
· Intake/Output

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