Introducing: The CareDry® System

Introducing: The CareDry® System - Blog

We are proud to present the CareDry® System, the next evolution in non-invasive urinary management system for women that provides the safety and quality you have come to expect from Boehringer Laboratories. This product enables nurses to forgo indwelling catheters, also commonly known as a “Foley catheter,” on all appropriate patients through its application of safe, dedicated suction with form-fitting placement. 

Using the CareDry® System helps to increase patient comfort and satisfaction. The malleable stylet tip allows moldability to unique patient anatomy, providing optimal fit. The 4-channel core allows for 360-degree urine collection, dispersing high suction points to help maintain a safe suction level and reduce pressure wounds. 

The CareDry® sponge is a soft, medical-grade foam with antimicrobial properties that allow for necessary changes only every 24-hours, thus reducing waste. Whether sitting, standing, prone, or in other positions, patients of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the CareDry® System technology. Think, memory foam. 

Patients will not be lying in bed wet due to leakage, nor will they need to be disturbed from their healing every few hours to change a female external catheter or external urinary catheter system. Ease of placement allows your nursing staff to spend more time caring for their patients instead of performing bed linen changes while reducing laundering services required of the hospital.   

Sound too good to be true? It is not. The CareDry® System is already in use with excellent results at hospitals across the country. Check our site for more information on the system.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at (484) 931-2338 for more information and schedule your staff training with our caring and experienced representatives.  





*the CareDry® System is only available for hospital use. If you are in need of a home system, you can find more information here about the PureWick™ System

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