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Occasionally, people will ask: How can you produce the best quality products that last and ship on time nearly 100% of the time?
Do we have state-of-the-art design tools that allow our engineers to generate design specifications? Do we have a compliant quality management system that governs our product delivery process? Do we have modern production equipment and test apparatus to build and qualify products? Do we use new business enterprise software to run procurement, organize our workflows, and manage the warehouse?
Of course, we do. No business can run effectively without these types of business systems and tools. But what truly brings all of this together is a skilled, dedicated workforce devoted to Boehringer’s mission: to care for lives through innovation, quality, and service. The people here make that happen; people like Pat, Mohamad, and Jim.

Pat has been with our company for 20 years, and among her many tasks, she manages our procurement process. I want to think we can make everything under one roof, but some parts and materials need to come from outside our plant. Pat’s skill and dedication ensure we have qualified suppliers that deliver high-quality items on time for our production team. Typically trying to find the lowest price with this highest quality results in an occasional hiccup. Pat’s goal is to find the highest quality suppliers and make sure they are within driving distance. Don’t look for us to outsource the needs of your patients to China or beyond. Philadelphia is home to the industrial engine that won WWII, and there is still an abundance of aerospace and military contractors locally that provide consistent quality.

Mohamad manages our production process. He has been with the Boehringer Team for more than 22 years. In a past life, Mohamad worked for Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany, so he knows a thing or two about high performance and high quality. Not only does Mohamad manage our production facility, but he could build any of our devices from scratch. In an era where professional plant managers could be making rubber dog toys one day and medical devices the next, we have gone a separate route. We found someone committed to our vision of quality and brought him through the ranks. Mohamad ensures our products are produced to exacting standards and sees that everything we ship to you meets his strict criteria.

Jim works in our manufacturing group, handling everything from complex service to shipping. He knows our products, our business, and what role he plays in the big picture. Jim has been with Boehringer for nearly 30 years and is responsible for ensuring that your products are packaged with care and shipped on time. He is the last set of eyes on an order before it is sealed and leaves to your hospital. Order fulfillment and shipping are fully automated or staffed by the least trained people in the company in most companies. At Boehringer, we want to make sure you get precisely what you need. Hospital purchasing is like a grown-up game of telephone. Clinical personnel request needed equipment, hospital purchasing creates an order, a third party may initiate a purchase order, and ten people later, Jim is looking at an order to ship. Most companies would simply fill this order: garbage in, garbage out. At Boehringer, we want to ensure we effectively satisfy your clinical needs, so it’s that final set of eyes that make sure what you are ordering makes sense.

Even though I have highlighted three important people, we have many Pat’s, Mohamad’s, and Jim’s in our company, and all of them serve important roles.

Another important thing to Boehringer is that you can get to a real person and quickly when you call us. We do have automated answering these days, but our lines quickly ring through to a Customer Service person.
All of this supports our commitment to continue to serve you, our customers, and your patients.

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