Can you perform robot-assisted bariatric surgeries better with ViSiGi 3D®?

Can you perform robot-assisted bariatric surgeries better with ViSiGi 3D®? - Blog

Achieving better outcomes for yourself, your patient, and your staff starts by asking: “How can we get better?”

When you think about your robot-assisted bariatric surgeries and reflect on how efficient you have become with as technologically advanced a machine as there is, what is one part of the process you find could be improved?

For many, the answer does not lie with the robotic apparatus, such as Intuitive’s da Vinci® Surgical System, but instead with the calibration device being used during their procedures.

What if your CRNA’s only had to pass a single device for your decompression, delineation, and dissection of the stomach?
What if that same device could also be used for the leak test on the staple line of your sleeve gastrectomy or the anastomosis of your bypass?

ViSiGi 3D® Bypass Calibration System makes all that possible and is changing how surgeons around the world are performing their robotic-assisted bariatric procedures. With 300,000+ cases under its belt, ViSiGi 3D® is allowing surgeons to increase their robotic O.R.’s workflow efficiency with straighter staple lines, fewer staple firings, and a single-pass device that is easier for Anesthesia.

Studies have shown that ViSiGi 3D® produces a 43.9% straighter sleeve, resulting in better outcomes for your patient while also reducing staple loads by 33%.

So, it is time to ask: “Could ViSiGi 3D® help you get better?”

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