COVID-19 Update

A Letter From Our President


Dear Customers,


I want to make you aware of what steps we are taking as an Organization to address your needs during this most exceptional time in our history. None of us have seen anything like this but I am humbled by the dedication I see all around. From the front-line healthcare providers to our employees, we are seeing people show up and contribute in a time of great need.

Our overriding goal in this period is to service as many customers as possible. The demands that have been placed on our supply chain are significant but as of right now, we have been able to meet the need.

We have added extra shifts and weekends to keep up with demand. Our local suppliers have likewise agreed to help in this effort. Since we have never offshored manufacturing, we are in an excellent position to support you in this time of need. Our location right outside the Philly metro area leaves us ideally suited to rapidly respond to unfolding events. If you need something today our factory is only a 90-minute drive to New York City.


We have made the following changes to ensure we can continue to meet the demand:

  • We have temporarily suspended our 30-day return policy.
  • We are focusing our production on our most popular and versatile model for clinical suction, our CARE4 regulator.
  • We have temporarily suspended repair activities so that we may direct resources to production.
  • Similarly, we are not taking requests for customization unless there is a demonstrated need in support of dealing with the outbreak.


If you are in an affected area and have a critical need today, your order will receive top priority in shipping.

If you are purchasing equipment for a non-COVID treatment area, help us help everyone by setting up release dates for a time when you require the product. We will meet this Commitment. Doing so will help us serve as many customers as possible. By flattening this demand curve, and applying a simple triage process to purchases, we are certain we can satisfy your need to expand ICU space during this pandemic and in the future.

Lastly, please know that we are here to serve you. We have dedicated sales managers around the country that are trained and able to assist you.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my very best to address any concerns.


Best regards,

John Karpowicz, President

We work in a friendly and efficient environment using the latest technologies and sharing our expertise to make superior medical products.

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