COVID-19 Update

A Letter From Our President


Dear Customers,

I want to update you on the changes we continue to make to our business systems as a result of the COVID pandemic.  We have been able to successfully manage the surge in business we experienced over the last few months.  I am very proud that our organization was able to meet all customer needs during this time frame.  We maintained shipments through the amazing efforts of our people and vendors and feel honored that we were able to support the buildout of the critical infrastructure necessary to manage your patients.

Our overriding goal was to serve as many customers as possible and we met that goal.

We appear to be returning to a more normal state of affairs in the business and consequently, we will be returning to our standard 30 day returns policy.  Thank you for your understanding during this period where we needed to make some changes to allow us to serve as many of our customers as possible.

I sincerely hope that a state of normalcy returns to your businesses as well so that you can focus on caring for all your patients that have patiently waited for this storm to pass.

Please know that we are here to serve you. We have a dedicated team sales managers and support people around the country that are trained and able to assist you in bringing innovative solutions to your medical gas/suction needs as well as our line of surgical devices.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my very best to address any concerns.

Best regards,

John Karpowicz, President

We work in a friendly and efficient environment using the latest technologies and sharing our expertise to make superior medical products.

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