3800 Series Suction Regulators Lens Caps

3800 Series Suction Regulators Lens Caps
MSRP: $11.80

Boehringer offers nine different lens cap colors for your existing 3800 Series Suction Regulators. Color coding helps ensure the equipment purchased for your unit does not wander to other areas of the facility. These colored lens caps are best added at the time of manufacture, but they can also be added to your existing inventory.

Blue Lens Cap 9064 Blue Lens Cap
Green Lens Cap 9065 Green Lens Cap
Magenta Lens Cap 9066 Magenta Lens Cap
Orange Lens Cap 9067 Orange Lens Cap
Purple Lens Cap 9068 Purple Lens Cap
Red Lens Cap 9069 Red Lens Cap
Blush Pink Lens Cap 9070 Blush Pink Lens Cap
Baby Blue Lens Cap 9076 Baby Blue Lens Cap