Model 3708

For MRI Environments

Model 3708

Our line of MRI Conditional Suction Regulators is another expansion of the 3700 Series family of regulators. They retain all of the features that allow us to offer an unsurpassed 10 Year Warranty.

Their non-ferromagnetic construction provides a product that will not be drawn to the powerful magnet of the MRI machine regardless of location within the MRI suite.

These regulators were tested for proper operation in the bore of a Siemens Vario 3.0 Tesla machine. A detailed report (3708.019) is available from your Boehringer Laboratories sales representative. Boehringer suction regulators are intended for use while wall-mounted to the facility suction system.

Additionally, all of the benefits and design features of our 3700 series hold true for our MRI Conditional Suction Regulators, therefore, providing the accuracy, durability and outstanding performance that our customers expect from a Boehringer Suction Regulator.

Model 3708

In one of the busiest Emergency Departments on the west coast we put all of our equipment to the extreme. I know I can be assured that Boehringer's regulators are tough and will last.


Vancouver, Washington
Clinical Use

The MRI Conditional Suction Regulators were developed in response to safety concerns in the MRI suite. Additionally, increased utilization of MRI during interventional procedures has expanded the need for anesthesia related equipment that is compatible with the MRI System.

Advantages and Specifications
  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Steam autoclaveable

  • Labeled to indicate suitable for use in MRI environment

  • Color-coded gauge visible from a 180° field of view

  • Gauge does not require calibration

  • Gauge is flood and shock resistant

  • High flow capacity

  • Industrial strength diaphragm

  • Large adjusting knob with fine resolution

  • VENT PORTS: 3/16" Diameter

  • GAUGE ACCURACY +/-5% FSO Linear

  • REGULATOR ACCURACY: 10% at 200 mm Hg from full flow to zero using a 14 French catheter


  • WEIGHT (Gauge and Regulator) 1.35 lb

  • MATERIALS: Hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, Dacron reinforced Buna, and silicone

  • DISINFECTION: Gas, autoclave, Cidex, Pasteurization or Sterrad™