Platinum Series Suction Regulators - Intermittent Suction Regulator with FULL LINE capability and Validated Sterilization Solution - - 270°F / 4 Minutes

Standardize your Suction Regulators

As the world’s first and only four-mode suction regulator, Care4® defines the Standard of Care by allowing you to use the same suction regulator throughout your hospital. Emergency Departments, Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, ICUs, Step Down units, and procedure areas now have a single, durable instrument for all clinical suction needs.



We dropped the Boehringer
regulator from five feet and tested
operation after each drop. The result was just as we expected:
excellent performance after every impact.


Biomedical Engineer, Kansas

Safely Manage all of your Patient Needs

Care4® safely manages all of your clinical suction needs.

Prior to the introduction of Care4®, hospitals typically relied on older three-mode intermittent suction regulators to standardize their facilities. Instead of having a dedicated FULL LINE vacuum mode, clinicians were encouraged to adjust the dial to potentially unsafe suction ranges. This practice could unknowingly expose patients to high vacuum levels or allow indwelling catheters to remain at high vacuum levels for long periods.

Care4® maintains clinically appropriate vacuum levels for routine adult interventions. However, if higher levels are needed for emergency or surgical needs, the clinician can quickly select a higher vacuum level. A safety interlock prevents the accidental application of excessively high vacuum levels.

Clinical Use

Care4® is appropriate for any suction therapy procedures needing continuous or intermittent suction, such as closed suction, deep suction, and oral care, and in areas requiring high-flow, high-vacuum on demand.

Areas of use include:
• Critical Care
• Operating Room
• Emergency Room
• Inpatient Acute Care
• Extended Care and Skilled Nursing Facility Care
• Surgery Centers
• Ambulatory Care

Exclusive Features
  • • Modes: Off--Intermit--Continuous--Full Line

  • • 0-200 mmHg regulated suction

  • • FULL LINE suction with safety interlock

  • • Patented: wide view XL Gauge with color-coded fields that can be read from a distance or from the side

  • • No calibration required

  • • 12-Year Warranty

  • • Self-Clearing™ technology protects against flooding and failure

  • • Validated reprocessing methods utilizing 270° F / 4-minute steam autoclave

  • • Fine resolution control knob