32Fr For Sleeve

Calibration System for Roux-en-y

32Fr For Sleeve

Decompress: Most anesthesiologists use an OG tube to decompress the stomach before surgery. Depending on the anatomy of the patient, it can be challenging to land inside of the stomach because the OG tube has a propensity to loop back on itself. The large diameter and blunt tip of the ViSiGi® allow for confident placement and rapid decompression. Since there is no OG tube present for the procedure, there is no risk of stapling the OG tube in place.

Delineate: Do You Know Where Your Bougie Is? ViSiGi® uses a proprietary fenestration pattern coupled with precisely controlled suction to allow for the outline of the sizing device to be readily visualized before any stapling. This vastly improves the visualization of the calibration device used during sleeve gastrectomy procedures.

Dissect: Ready visualization of the ViSiGi® takes the guesswork out of stapling since visual cues from the delineation of ViSiGi® can help the surgeon choose their staple line for dissection.

How Much Could ViSiGi® Save You?

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5232 VISIGI® 32FR STD (5 per box) $1,025
5532 VISIGI® 32FR STD (25 per carton) $4,456
5232B VISIGI® 32FR STD W/BULB (5 per box) $1,195
5532B VISIGI® 32FR STD W/BULB (25 per carton) $5,199