36FR for Bypass

Bypass Calibration System

36FR for Bypass

· Shortened Hole Pattern

· Easier to Decompress Pouch

· Less ViSiGi® Needs to be Led Through the Pouch for the G-JH Anastomosis

· Easier to Leak Test

Why ViSiGi 3D® for Bypass?

ViSiGi 3D® simplifies Bypass all with only one insertion and four easy-to-follow steps that include decompression, pouch creation, connecting the jejunum to the pouch, and finally your leak test. ViSiGi™ for Bypass is easy to place and quickly decompresses the stomach. It is easy to visualize and size the pouch for the typical one staple load shot transverse and two-shot sagittal. ViSiGi 3D® is guided through the pouch into the open leg of the small bowel where sutures are placed around it as a guide. The very last step is that air or methylene blue is to be used to leak test.

Pricing Information

5236S VISIGI® 36FR SHORT (5 per box) $912.00
5536S VISIGI® 36FR SHORT (25 per carton) $4,161.00
5236SB VISIGI® 36FR SHORT W/BULB (5 per box) $1,064.00
5536SB VISIGI® 36FR SHORT W/BULB (25 per carton) $4,854.00