40 Fr for Bypass

5240 ViSiGi 3D® 40 Fr Bypass Short

40 Fr for Bypass
Benefits of ViSiGi 3D® for Bypass

ViSiGi 3D® simplifies Bypass all with only one insertion and four easy to follow steps that include decompression, pouch creation, connecting the jejunum to the pouch and finally your leak test. ViSiGi 3D® for Bypass is easy to place and quickly decompresses the stomach. It is easy to visualize and size the pouch for the typical one staple load shot transverse and two-shot sagittal. ViSiGi 3D® is guided through the pouch into the open leg of the small bowel where sutures are placed around it as a guide. The very last step is that air or methylene blue is to be used to leak test.

Why ViSiGi 3D® for Bypass?
  • Shortened Hole Pattern

  • Easier to Decompress Pouch

  • Less ViSiGi® Needs to be Led Through the Pouch for the G-JH Anastomosis

  • Easier to Leak Test

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