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Boehringer Labs is driven to make better healthcare with strong commitment in funding development of novel biotechnologies. Our R&D team focuses on invention and innovation, creating breakthrough medical products to answer the unmet needs in healthcare. Our proven solutions ensure device quality and regulatory compliance across the product lifecycle. As we embrace various clinical challenges, our innovation efforts center on four key areas:

  • Exploring Niche Clinical Areas
  • Emerging Biomedical Technologies
  • Original Design Concept
  • Strategic External Partnership

Prototype Laboratory

Boehringer’s strong engineering fundamentals and excellent problem solving capabilities are important to our success in creating unique medical devices. Our in-house prototype lab gives our team the ability to quickly design, manufacture and test the concept, to demonstrate the technical and business potential of the concept. It is equipped with cutting edge manufacturing and test technologies as well as proven tools.

Innovation Team

Our design engineering team is dedicated to develop value based solutions to improve clinical outcomes of a wide range of medical areas. The team has extensive background in medical device research and design in areas of cardiology, trauma, general surgery, bariatric and orthopedics. Our leadership has proven success in completing the entire medical device development cycle and in commercializing novel biotechnologies across multiple segments.

Strategic Partnerships

We are committed to strengthening our R&D work through strategic partnerships with industry and leading academic institutions around the world.

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