Boehringer Laboratories delivers on suction needs in COVID-19 crisis

Boehringer Laboratories delivers on suction needs in COVID-19 crisis - Blog

Numerous medical facilities came to Boehringer for solutions for their suction needs. The COVID-19 crisis, with the need for expanded mechanical ventilation, has highlighted the necessity for adequate access to regulated suction.

The following applications use suction:

1. Routine Oral Care / Emergency Airway Clearance

2. Naso-Gastric Tubes

3. Chest Tubes

4. Inline suction for airway management in Ventilator patients

5. External Female Catheters

The NFPA-99 code, which regulates suction, requires the capability of 90lpm suction per outlet. Each outlet can provide needed suction for any three of the above requirements. Operating Rooms and Critical Care Rooms will have three or more outlets per room, providing the capability for multiple suction requirements. The COVID-19 crises have clarified the need for all wall access outlets to have a dedicated regulator for each suction outlet.

As Critical Care areas overflow, patients with multiple suction needs are moved to Med-Surg units that most often have one suction outlet per patient. Ventilator patients at a minimum need Oral, Indwelling, and N.G. suction capability, thus requiring three regulators, creating the need for a more robust suction regulator configuration that would support a patient on a ventilator. Boehringer has introduced a new Regulator Assembly to address this need.

The 9061 Multi-Patient with Power Take-Off (PTO) will support three suction needs: two Intermitting/Continuous regulators and the PTO, which provides full line continuous suction. The 9061 can support a single Ventilator patient.


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