Challenges in TAMIS and colorectal surgery during COVID-19

Challenges in TAMIS and colorectal surgery during COVID-19 - Blog

Drs. Mark Soliman, Matthew Albert, and John Monson, world-renowned experts in colorectal surgery, united their wealth of knowledge for a webinar on October 21st to discuss updates in this field relating to TAMIS and colorectal surgery during COVID-19.

Dr. Mark Soliman reviews the dangerous effects of surgical smoke in the O.R., including health risks, along with methods of removing it. An early proponent of smoke evacuation, Dr. Soliman serves as a consultant with multiple medical companies and is an excellent resource on the subject.

Dr. Matthew Albert aided in the development of both the TAMIS procedure and GelPort®. Regarded as an expert on the procedure, he continues to train physicians around the world. In this webinar, Dr. Albert reviews current updates in TAMIS, focusing on how COVID-19 has influenced change in some of his surgical strategies. He touches on the benefits of the VISIMAX® Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System and how it can easily and efficiently be deployed into any operating room, especially in TAMIS procedures.

Dr. John Monson moderates the Q&A portion of the event, adding narration of his experience throughout the webinar duration. The audience asks many questions related to COVID-19, TAMIS and colorectal surgery, and the VISIMAX® system.

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