Financial Roadblocks Due to High Capital Costs

Financial Roadblocks Due to High Capital Costs - Blog

Every hospital and its health practitioners want what is best for their patients, but financial hurdles can get in the way of bringing in the latest technology to provide the best care. One of those hurdles frequently includes the high capital cost for necessary equipment, like smoke evacuation insufflator systems.

Systems like AirSeal® System and PneumoClear® both insufflate the patient while providing minimally invasive surgical smoke clearance during procedures but carry an initial investment of about $30,000 per unit. To make this system available in multiple operating rooms, now hospitals are looking at insurmountable financial roadblocks as that initial investment grows exponentially. Even after that initial capital purchase, there is still the requirement to buy compatible disposable devices per case to utilize the insufflator correctly. With increasing medical costs and inflation, in addition to the financial hardships from the COVID pandemic, hospitals must consider price when purchasing new technology to help treat and protect their patients.

The VISIMAX® smoke evacuation system is a disposable product that allows hospitals to bring the same capabilities of capital insufflation system into their ORs without the expensive price tag. Compatible with laparoscopic, robotic, and other minimally invasive procedures, including TAMIS, the VISIMAX® system is a flexible option that can be quickly deployed when and where it’s needed.

Today’s medical purchasing climate calls for lower costs and higher flexibility — the VISIMAX® system can do both.

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