TAMIS: An Up & Coming Colorectal Procedure

TAMIS: An Up & Coming Colorectal Procedure - Blog

TransAnal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) allows a surgeon to remove lesions through the anal cavity rather than creating incisions in the abdomen and laparoscopically dissecting the bowel. The procedure, first performed by Dr. Sam Atallah in 2009, was quickly picked up by surgeons worldwide, including his colleague, Dr. Matthew Albert.

TAMIS’s “bottom-up” approach compared to abdominal surgery potentially mean fewer complications, fewer incisions, and overall better post-op comfort for the patient. Although TAMIS is only applicable to patients with benign lesions or early-stage malignancy, for these patients, this procedure allows another option that removes unnecessary dissection and incisions. The procedure utilizes the GelPOINT® Path Transanal Access Platform to perform resections on lesions in the proximal and mid-rectum.

Due to the nature of the procedure, TAMIS involves dissecting and cautery in the small space provided by the bowel, meaning a quick build-up of surgical smoke can block the surgeon’s vision of the operating field. A smoke removal system is a requirement to perform this procedure efficiently. Expensive insufflator smoke removal systems are not only costly, but they also often require a bulky trocar to operate. The GelPOINT® Path Transanal Access Platform has limited space, and large bulky items may make maneuvering more difficult.

The VISIMAX® smoke evacuation system easily integrates into the GelPOINT® by attaching the two lure locks along the outer rim. Insufflation can then be done through GelPOINT® trocar with the Y-connection, giving your TAMIS procedures high flow smoke evacuation, pneumo protection, and flexibility at a lower cost point.

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