ICU Suction Regulators

Looking to add suction sources during the COVID Pandemic?

Wall suction is the first place you should look. Unlike portable pumps which can aerosolize aspirated material and dump them back in the patient care environment, wall suction safely exhausts outside of the hospital (maybe a few buildings away).

If your room has open suction outlets, we recommend our Care4 Suction Regulator. It is the world’s only four mode suction control and can safely and reliably provide suction for any intervention in your hospital. Boehringer also makes the only suction regulators in the world that are fully autoclavable and sterilizable.

If you only have one outlet, and would like to achieve ICU level care, we can provide you an off-the-shelf solution that quickly gives you access to suction for the three most common interventions needed for ventilated patients - Inline, Nasogastric, and Oral suction.

Boehringer Laboratories has been the world's leader in providing clinical suction for more than 30 years. Our field application engineers, backed by our world-class manufacturing stand ready to help.

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